Bulk SMS

Tap on this link and register, https://bulksms.finserve.africa/ fill in your details, and click on sign up. We will contact you after we have received the information.

Yes, you can schedule SMSs.

At the moment, you can only send SMSs locally.

A standard SMS message has 160 characters.

No, we don't charge any startup or monthly costs. There are no setup fees or ongoing maintenance costs for the account. When you are prepared to send SMSs, you will only need to top up your account.

You can upload your contacts using an excel file or Txt file on our platform. Once you sign up a manual will be provided to guide you.

Yes, we do. A Sender ID is an alphanumeric name or numeric that appears on the recipient's device as the sender of the SMS. The maximum number of characters allowed for the Sender ID is 11 with no spaces in between. However, spaces can be filled in with either a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_).

Requirements for a company or organization sender ID.

Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, or Trademark Certificate (whichever is applicable). A signed and stamped authorization letter addressed to the telcos on the company’s letterhead.

Yes, delivery reports are provided

To get a comprehensive delivery report after 48hrs send an email to support@finserve.africa

You can reach us on +254 766 000 200, Email: support@finserve.africa

On the login page, Tap on Forgot password and follow the instructions.

With Good internet, it will take you about 10 minutes.

No, SMSs do not expire.

Refresh the page and try again. If the problem persists, contact us on +254 766 000 200 or send an Email to support@finserve.africa

Yes, according to our regulator (CA) , SMSs are only allowed between 8 AM-6 PM

Between 8-6 pm the tool can accommodate sending 6 million SMSs.

Your client details are completely safe with us. We ensure we are compliant with the data protection Act.